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Steps involved in a slip and fall case

Joann Weaver/ June 7, 2017/ Lawyer/

A slip and fall case is part of the bigger negligence and personal injury law. After a slip and fall incident, you need to file a case especially if the incident caused body injury. There are many instances when a slip and fall case might occur. A slip and fall accident happens when you slip and fall due to negligence on the side of the premise owner. In such a scenario, you need to hire a lawyer and file charges against the premise owner or the person in charge of the building. You need to know the steps to take following a slip and fall accident.

What to do after a slip and fall case

Report to the relevant authorities

After the accident, you should immediately report the matter to the relevant authorities. The relevant authorities in the case should know that an accident happened in their premises. Failing to make a report does not mean that you can’t file a claim. However, making a report early enough gives you a better chance of getting compensation for the claim.


Witnesses and photos

One of the cases that need a lot of evidence is a slip and fall case. In such a case, you need to prove that the case was caused by negligence on the part of the premises. You need to have the necessary witnesses and photos to build a strong case and evidence for presenting in the case. If you can take photos, make sure that you do it in advance.

Get medical help

You need to get medical help and feel better before you make any other progress on the case. It is impossible to start pursuing the case if you have not recovered from the injury. Getting medical help will help you in determining the level of your injury and determine what you are dealing with. The medical records obtained during the treatment will serve as a strong evidence during the case.


Consult your lawyer

After a full recovery, it is advisable to consult a get a good lawyer to help with your case. A good lawyer will help you with contacting the owner or the manager of the premises. The lawyer will give you advice on whether to settle the case out of court or proceed to the court. A good lawyer will help you in getting the right compensation based on the extent of your injury.…

How to identify a good criminal defense lawyer

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It is easy to find an attorney. However, it is difficult to find an attorney for you and your case. Finding a good criminal defense lawyer isn’t as simple as just opening up a phone book or doing a quick Google search online. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyers lessens your worries and ensures that you get to have a fair trial. If you or your loved one is involved in a situation, it is important to hire an expert who can handle different phases of criminal trial. However, the main question is how to identify a good criminal defense lawyer.

When it comes to hiring the best lawyers, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration. Here is the list of qualities and characteristics to look for before obtaining legal counsel.

How to identify a good criminal defense lawyer

Reputation:A good crime defense attorney will be known for his reputation in the community. A reputable lawyer is one who has handled difficult or high-profile cases and has a higher ratio of wins as compared to other lawyers. A good lawyer’s reputation for success will most certainly precede them.



When it comes to finding an expert, experience matters especially when your life is at stake. Serious crimes can be handled with ease by an expert criminal defense lawyer. Handling a crime case in the trial room can very tricky and difficult task. Apart from the detailed knowledge of the legal terms and processes, the lawyer must have dozens of cases under is or her belt. This gives them experience and expertise to understand the tricks and pitfalls of trying various types of cases.

Research skills:

The attorney that you hire should have good investigation skills. This skill is very important as it is often the minute, unnoticed details that can make or break a case. He should be able to spend hours researching information for his clients. Also, he should be aware of where to look for right kind of information, so their research is accurate and backed up by the authority of the source. A good investigation and research help in building a solid defense.

Analytical skills:

fsgsa65sahgasasApart from putting in hard work, your lawyer should possess analytical skills to analyze the information collected. He should have a sharp mind so as to make quick decisions and arguments in the courtroom.

How to identify a good criminal defense lawyer is easy if you look for the above-mentioned attributes in your shortlisted attorneys.…

Know When to Hire to a Child Custody Attorney

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Due to the existence of diverse and complex laws dealing with child custody rights in the different states, turning to a child’s custody attorney is the most advisable step to take. You need a Broxterman Alicks McFarlane PC professional who understands the law well enough for the sake of your child and his/her special interests. More of those ugly situations that require such extreme measures are mostly brought about by the separation of parents.

Whichever the case, as you go on to resolve your issues, remember that your child is the victim of the situation, and his/her interests must be reflected at the end of the custody hearing when the arrangement is finalized.
When to hire a child custody attorney.

Establishing child paternity for non-custody parents

One specific instance where you greatly require to hire a child custody lawyer is upon establishment of paternity of your child. Such a situation results in divorce angfdgdfgdgdgdd subsequent separation of the parents. Once that happens, you might end up not having your rights as the parent met, so you need to fight for a fair chance to be part of your child’s life.

This means the determination of all child support costs that you have a right to be accounted for. If it weren’t for child custody attorneys, you wouldn’t be in a position to argue out and have your side of the story considered in such predicaments

Formulation of a parenting plan

One other instance that you need to consult a child custody lawyer is in the formulation of a parenting plan, which dictates the details entailing parent custody and visitation.

More often than not, such arrangements are met with a lot of emotional entanglements, mostly an aftermath of a harsh and bitter divorce. Consequently, to make sure that none of those complications don’t happen, you should consult with a child custody attorney, to get the right advice as to how to go about it.

Remember, such a crucial arrangement should not be taken lightly given it is bound to be in effect for a long time to come.

Child custody gfgddddgfdgfdcase, with a lot of complexities

Finally, you should seek the professional assistance of a child custody lawyer when dealing with cases that involve many complex issues, for example, a case involving interstate child custody. The exceptional guidance and advice of your attorney is valuable, and should safeguard the welfare of your child no matter the outcome.

Conclusively, a child lawyer is an invaluable asset that you cannot do without, regardless of the complexity of the child custody case. Your child’s welfare is ever in your hands. You now know when to hire a child custody attorney.…

Advantages Of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver

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When you have a car accident, slip and fall accident or fire in the workplace, you may deserve to receive compensation to pay for your injuries and medical costs. An experienced Vancouver injury lawyer will help you in the difficult process of obtaining money to pay for these medical expenses.

Benefits of hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer

1. Settle your case for more money

An experienced personal injury lawyer will likely be able to settle your case for more money than a lawyer who is new on the scene. Experienced lawyers have proven techniques that work in negotiation meetings. Lawyers who are new on the site will often have to learn these new techniques before they can successfully settle cases for millions of dollars. You can ensure that you will settle your case for large sums of cash when you hire a lawyer who has settled cases in the past.


2. Efficient resolution

An experienced lawyer will be able to resolve your case promptly. He or she may only need a few weeks to settle your case. A new lawyer will likely take a few months to settle your case. He or she will need to do extra research connected with your case or may not know how to deal with competitive insurance companies.

3. Highly professional behavior

When you hire a lawyer who has handled hundreds of personal injury cases, you are hiring an individual who will treat you with respect and be highly professional in communications with you.

4. More value for your money

An experienced lawyer will not need to do as much research for your case as a new lawyer. He or she can place more focus on drafting thorough legal documents for your case.


A personal lawyer has much experience in these types of cases. They have good knowledge of the laws and practices associated with winning. There are many rules and regulations that need to be followed if you want any chance of winning your case. No matter if your case is weak or strong, winning is mostly dependent on the knowledge and experience of the attorney that you hire.



One great advantage of hiring a good personal injury lawyer is the possibility that your case could get settled out of court. This can lead to less time, stress and money spent. A confident and knowledgeable lawyer could spend their time working on negotiations with the other side to get them to settle before the case goes to court.

7.More Compensation

A good personal injury lawyer will know how to get you what you deserve. After having many personal injury cases, a lawyer will know just what to do to get you more money than you would be able to do so on your own. They know exactly which questions to ask to get the jury or judge to be in your favor.…

Dealing with Personal Injuries

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In legal terms, the term personal injury is associated with any form of physical or mental damage that befalls an individual. The occurrences of these injuries are not limited to specific areas. As such, personal injury can happen in road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, injuries due to defects in products, assault along with other mishaps. In such instances, it the best way to go about this is by hiring a personal injury lawyer. With them, you can satisfactory present your facts and argue your case for the best reward.

Personal Injury Casesfawgertwa/

Notably, car accidents and machine injuries are one of the most common types of injuries today. These accidents could be of different types depending on the level of severity. In the event of an accident resulting from another driver’s negligence, the best thing to do is to hold them responsible is by raising a claim against them.

Why only a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Whenever you are injured, and you need to hold the hold the individual to book, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers can help you with your decision to make a personal injury claim. When it comes to personal injuries, choosing an attorney randomly is certainly not the way to go. As you need to go for a dedicated and experienced lawyer in dealing wit persona injury cases. It is wise to work with a lawyer right from the onset considering that some cases can be quite complicated.

Getting the best lawyer

WdeeffDsasdsdTo find the right attorney, research on law firms which have the best-practicing lawyers in personal injury law. With the right one, you are assured of the best compensation for the injuries you suffered. It is a good idea to look at a few lawyers first and then evaluate your options. This way, you can discuss your situation with several them and receive feedback for the same. Besides, you can also find them using online directories and legal publications. There is also a profile that exists for each lawyer that tells you about their education, experience, fees and other related details.

There are many personal injury lawyers in Milwaukee, who can help you with the settlement and make personal injury claims. You can be the person who has suffered the injury or the person or the one whom a lawsuit has been filed against. Either way, you will need a lawyer who can present your case and reach a favorable settlement.…

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Nowadays, finding a personal injury lawyer is quite beneficial. Through their experience, a personal injury Stuart FL can make a strong case and win. Through a lawyer you will get the exact compensation you deserve.

Depending on the extent of your injury, the lawyer files the case accordingly. As a matter of fact, it’s essential to hire a reliable and competitive personal injury attorney who’s going to estimate accurately the level of injury and then calculate the amount of compensation you should receive.

But you may ask; how and where am I going to find a competent lawyer that will help me in my personal injury pursuit? Isn’t finding a personal injury lawyer a hard thing to do? How can I get someone who’s trustworthy, reliable and intelligent? Well, you don’t have to get worried.

There are friends, the internet, printed materials, television advertisements, not to mention other lawyers to rely on. Other lawyers who’re specialized in other branches of law can help you determine the perfect attorney to handle your case.

Where to find a personal attorney lawyer

The Internet

The internet might be the best source to rely on. Through the web, you can not only find thousands of potential personal injury lawyers to handle sfsfsfsfsfsdyour case, but you can also make a background check on their experience, qualifications, and expertise.

In most cases, lawyers use this medium to market their legal services. You can even select your area of jurisdiction to see the local law firms available to represent you in your personal injury claims.

In many cases, personal injury attorneys offer their services on a contingency basis. This implies that the fees will greatly depend on the number of cases the lawyer has won.

Friends, Other Attorneys or Health Professionals

Seeking the referral from a lawyer you trust is one of the best ways to find a personal injury attorney. In case you don’t know any lawyer, it’s recommendable to consult your friends.

They might give you a list of names of the lawyers they trust. It isn’t necessary that you get names of the lawyers whose area of specialization is family law. What matters is their competence.

hsdadasdsadadaAll you need is to hire any attorney who can represent you comprehensively and is in a perfect position to refer you to other lawyers who have skills to handle your case.

In the above case, the attorney you’ll consult will certainly ask for a referral fee which is generally about a quarter to a third of the fee that’s received by the lawyer who’ll handle your case.

This is the fee charged for referring you to a competent personal injury lawyer or popular law firms. In fact, this is the fee that entices the attorney to refer you to a good personal injury lawyer.…

Tips on how to choose the best lawyer

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If you are involve in a legal issue, regardless if it is grave or not, you need to find the best sugar land lawyer that can represent you. This is to make sure that all your rights will be protected, and your case will be efficiently and successfully represented in front of the judge.

It is understandable that being in such a predicament can be stressful, and you may be scared, but you have to keep your heads up and look for the best attorney in your area.

Choosing the best lawyer

ghsghsahgsasaWhy is it important that you choose the best lawyer? Can any attorney represent your case in court? It is true that there are hundreds of attorneys out there who are willing to provide their services when it comes to legal issues. However, you should be aware that they are not created equal. Some are dedicated and competent enough while others are not. Of course, you would want to ensure that the decision over the case would be to your favor. This is why, it is quite important that you look for the best lawyer.

To guide you in choosing only the best lawyer in town, consider the following tips.

Seek good recommendations

If this is your first time to deal with a case, it can be hard to look for a good attorney as you don’t have the experience yet. But this is not a problem because you can always seek good recommendations from reliable sources such as your close friends and family. Perhaps some of them know of a great lawyer within your locality. These are the people that you should listen to. If they had good experiences, then you can be sure that you would too.

Select someone within your price range

Most people assume that hiring the services of a good lawyer would cost them a fortune. But this is not always the case. There are many great attorneys out there who are offering affordable services so the common people can still take advantage of quality services just like what the rich and famous do. Before you hunt for a reputable attorney, it would be best if you set a budget first and select a professional that is within your price range.

Take a look at the experience

sghsahgsahgasIf you want to make sure that your case would be a successful one, it is crucial that you go for a well-experienced lawyer. Choose an attorney who has represented the same cases like yours in the past.…

Resolving Construction Disputes

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The construction industry is subjected to a whole list of legal disputes. The main parties involved in the building process can be at loggerheads when the actions or non-compliance of one of the parties infringes the rights of the other. This is the main reason construction disputes arise. For instance, when the customer feels dissatisfied with the quality of work done a construction dispute is bound to occur. When the issue cannot be addressed outside court, the complainant will eventually need the services of a barrister.

Written Quotes and Work Schedulesddvfbgnhmjgac

This is the best ways of avoiding construction disputes. It is a precautionary measure in its right. As such, it is advisable for the customer to work with written agreements with clear terms of service from the start. The quote should be official, signed and with the details what is to be done, when and the cost of doing it as at that particular time.

Remain Unemotional

A construction issue is a significant investment. When it occurs, the best way is to get to the heart of the matter by maturely engaging the contractor or the builder. It should be done in a none-emotional and not accusatory manner. This will avoid creating acrimony between the parties involved bearing in mind that the builder is anxious just as you are to reach the agreement. In case you are uncomfortable engaging them, you can hire a professional intermediary to iron out those details.


This is another way of dealing with construction issues. This is an agreement reached in the presence of a neutral expert. However, the agreement arrived at in this case is not legally binding.


sasdfgnhcscdThis is another conflict resolution option. However, construction arbitration services is used if mediation is not used. Here, the parties involved present their facts and agree beforehand, After arriving at a consensus, the arbitrator’s decision is binding.

When the case gets out of hand, the best way of going about this is by seeking legal action. This is where a barrister comes in. The good thing about working with an attorney is that they have considerable experience and are allowed to represent you in any court of law. Working with a barrister early enough in the case saves you both time and money unlike working with a solicitor. Choosing the right barrister should not be hard; you only need to look at their area of specialization from their website and chose the best.…

Lawyer’s salary

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When it comes to the court room, we need to ensure that whatever matter we have outstanding, we need to get someone with the expertise and also the experience to assist us in every way possible.

Lawyers are persons who have been professionally trained to provide assistance to people who have a civil matter pending in a court of law.


There are different things that they specialize in, and therefore, that will tell you that there are different kinds of cases that will need the expertise of a specific lawyer.

So what we will do is that we will take a look at the different things that a lawyer can do and also the salary range that a lawyer will receive.

Lawyer – Job Description

scales-36417_640When it comes to a profession of this nature, you need to understand that before becoming a lawyer, that person will undergo rigorous training and that will surely prepare them to handle the various issue that they will face once they go out into the world of work.

Lawyers can also be called advocates and or legal advisors.

They can be used to gain legal information about a specific case, and they can also be employed to handle a case that you have pending in the court of law.

There are many specializations when it comes to the role of a lawyer, and therefore, their salary will also vary based on that fact.

Lawyer Salary

It is one of the highest in all professions and there is a level of respect that is also associated with the role.

The salary that they receive is also governed by specific things such as skills of the lawyer, field of specialization, type of workplace and also location where the lawyer is practising.

When it comes to the salary per annum for a fresh lawyer, he/she can expect a salary of aroundnew-york-993593_640
$57000, and when they have become more seasoned in the profession, then that will go up to $110,590, and that’s per annum.

Also, and depending on the employer, there may be other benefits such as house and medical allowances.

There are many opportunities of growth and salary increment that will present themselves once you get into the legal profession.
So if you are interested in becoming a lawyer, then the best thing to do is to ensure that you have become well established in the field, and opportunities will be following you.