Viv Ncaus
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VN Performing at the Vang New Year (11/5/11)

Viv Ncaus was given the opportunity to participate and perform three traditional dances at the Madison Vang New Year. The Vang New Year is an annual event held by the Madison Vang clan to celebrate their success and gather the family together.

Performing "Cev Nkauj Xwb" at the Vang New Year

VN Performing at the 10th Annual Hmong Courage Banquet (10/22/11)

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. On October 22, staff and clients from all of the Refugee Family Strengthening Programs in Wisconsin gathered in Madison for the Celebration of the Hmong Courage Banquet.

This is a special event to recognize and celebrate the courage and strength of domestic abuse survivors.

VN Performing at the 26th Annual Triangle Ethnic Fest (8/21/11)

For 26 years, the Bayview Foundation has been offering to the Madison community a wonderful festival and tradition that truly reflects the multicultural and diverse population of Greater Madison — the Triangle Ethnic Fest. The "Triangle" refers to the area bounded by West Washington, Regent Street, and South Park Street. On August 21st, the Bayview neighborhood welcomed neighbors, friends and guests at the festival, which featured cultures of the world performances, ethnic foods, children's activities, a photo exhibit, a silent auction, arts and crafts, and many more.

Performing "Nkauj Hmoob Samnuea" at the Triangle Fest

Performing "Hnov Tsis Tau Nkauj Nrov" at the Triangle Fest

Performing "Hmoob Lub Neej" at the Triangle Fest

VN Performing at The Hues Alive At Five Performance (6/26/11)

The Capital City Hues bi-weekly newspaper is a multi-culturally owned, written and read newspaper published in the greater Madison area. The paper is titled Hues because Hues represents the concept that while everyone is of distinct colors — with a lot of hues in between — everyone is part of the larger band of light. The Capital City Hues wants to promote the respect for all people.

In order to celebrate their first five years of existence, The Capital City Hues decided to throw a five-year anniversary party with the theme "The Hues Alive at Five: Celebrating Our Communities of Color."

Performing "Hnov Tsis Tau Nkauj Nrov" at Hues Alive

Performing"Ceb Nkauj Xwb" at Hues Alive