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Resolving Construction Disputes

Kenneth Viera/ June 8, 2016/ Law, Lawyer/

The construction industry is subjected to a whole list of legal disputes. The main parties involved in the building process can be at loggerheads when the actions or non-compliance of one of the parties infringes the rights of the other. This is the main reason construction disputes arise. For instance, when the customer feels dissatisfied with the quality of work done a construction dispute is bound to occur. When the issue cannot be addressed outside court, the complainant will eventually need the services of a barrister.

Written Quotes and Work Schedulesddvfbgnhmjgac

This is the best ways of avoiding construction disputes. It is a precautionary measure in its right. As such, it is advisable for the customer to work with written agreements with clear terms of service from the start. The quote should be official, signed and with the details what is to be done, when and the cost of doing it as at that particular time.

Remain Unemotional

A construction issue is a significant investment. When it occurs, the best way is to get to the heart of the matter by maturely engaging the contractor or the builder. It should be done in a none-emotional and not accusatory manner. This will avoid creating acrimony between the parties involved bearing in mind that the builder is anxious just as you are to reach the agreement. In case you are uncomfortable engaging them, you can hire a professional intermediary to iron out those details.


This is another way of dealing with construction issues. This is an agreement reached in the presence of a neutral expert. However, the agreement arrived at in this case is not legally binding.


sasdfgnhcscdThis is another conflict resolution option. However, construction arbitration services is used if mediation is not used. Here, the parties involved present their facts and agree beforehand, After arriving at a consensus, the arbitrator’s decision is binding.

When the case gets out of hand, the best way of going about this is by seeking legal action. This is where a barrister comes in. The good thing about working with an attorney is that they have considerable experience and are allowed to represent you in any court of law. Working with a barrister early enough in the case saves you both time and money unlike working with a solicitor. Choosing the right barrister should not be hard; you only need to look at their area of specialization from their website and chose the best.…