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Getting out of Jail after Arrest

Joann Weaver/ June 13, 2016/ Law/

People are arrested from time to time and locked in jail. Securing one’s freedom is one of the things that many think about while there are in the police custody. You regain your freedom posting the required amount of bail bonds. Bail can be defined as the piece of property or cash that is given to the authorities especially the courts return for one’s freedom. The individual who is released is usually required to sow up to the authorities wherever they are needed.

When you keep you end of the bargain by showing up whenever you are needed, then your bail will be returned. However, when you fail to show up the courts will not return te bail and issue a warrant for arrest that will lead you back to jail.


Setting bail

Once arrested, many people would wish to establish the bail amount they will be required to paykllllplmbvxzswe immediately. This is to ensure that they have an ample time to source for the bail that has been requested. There are instances when accused is required to appear before a judge before the bail is set. This may cause you to expend more time in jail especially if it is during the weekend or a public holiday.

The police are known to arrest most people on Fridays knowing very well that the earliest the individuals can be given a hearing for bail by the judge is on Monday. It is easier to secure your freedom through bail for the common crimes as compared to the complex crimes which might require more than one sitting.

The 8th Amendment

According to the United State Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land no individual can be subjected to an excessive bail. What this means is that the bail cannot be used as a punishment for the arrested person or collect money for the government.

The purpose of this provision in the 8th amendment is to ensure that the money is not utilized for any other purpose but to guarantee the availability of the individual whenever he is called upon by the authorities. The bail must, therefore, be reasonable at all times.

Special application

ywqsdvbkmbvzDespite the theory of the 8th amendments, judges might at times apply high bail amounts on certain individuals. This is usually done to prevent the accused from getting out of jail. In most cases these are suspects who are apprehended on suspicion of murder or drugs.…