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Different types of violent crimes

Kenneth Viera/ June 8, 2017/ Law/

When it comes to a criminal charge, you would want the best lawyers to handle your case. You don’t want a public defender to handle it because, in most cases, a public defender will try to work a deal with the district attorney. The district attorney, also known as the DA, is the one that will get the report from the person that is accusing you of the crime. He will be the one who will determine if he has enough evidence aginst you to bring you to court. Usually, the DA will bring it to court. This is where you will be picked up by a police officer.

Below, we will talk about the most common violent crimes:

Threats of violence

You can be charged with this by texting someone and telling him you are going to hurt him or someone close to him. You can even be accused of this if someone overheard you threatening them, and will write a statement aginst you.

Domestic assault

2This is common when husband and wife get into an argument, and other people can hear you. They will call the local police department and file a complaint on you. When the officer shows up, they will detain the argument. This charge can also result in a battery charge if anyone got hit or has any marks on them. A battery charge will land you in jail.


This charge is when someone dies, it could be from driving under the influence of a controlled drug and killing someone. You can get this charge from reckless driving and roll a vehicle and kill someone. There are other charges that they can stack on you like attempted manslaughter. This is where the other party was hospitalized for a long period of time.


This type of charge is very common to see in the courtroom. You can get this charge just by pushing someone; you don’t have to hurt them to get this charge.


There are a lot of different types of murder. When you have been charged with this crime, you will definitely want to have a good lawyer on your side.


Finding a good lawyer

Try looking on the Internet; there, you will find a long list of attorneys. Look for a lawyer that handle crimes that are violent. Check their rating and see how many times he has won his case in court.…

Hiring a Business Attorney

Kenneth Viera/ March 24, 2017/ Law/

Any business needs legal counsel in order to perform within the legal framework of the law. In such situation a business attorney Cincinnati will be of immense assistance to you and your company.

Who is a business attorney?

A business attorney is a lawyer who specializes in corporate law and knows thekjhgdfiutgo ins and out of legal matters pertaining to the formation of companies, business agreements and any other legal matters that may be of need for a company.

Without the right legal advice, a company may inadvertently make mistakes and fall into trouble with business deals or any regulatory requirements.

Who needs a business attorney?

A business attorney can be of assistance to any and all business large or small. Large corporations and multinational companies often hire full-time lawyers to work on their behalf, and they are regularly reviewing and advising the board of director on legal implications of any business move.

Even small business can greatly benefit from the advice of a business attorney as they can guide a small business towards proper legal conduct and making deals with third parties so that the interest of the company is always protected.

How to hire a Business Attorney

When hiring a business attorney, you must take some time to find a professional who can do a good job. The best way to find a reliable business lawyer is to ask other professionals in your field for references. If you are unable to do this, you can go to the local lawyers council and check for a list of lawyers who specialize in corporate and business law.

The first consultation

kugfvirwohWhen you have selected a lawyer, you should meet with him or her and explain what you want from them. It may not be necessary to have a lawyer full time if you only have a small business, however, you may have to pay them a retainer so that they will make themselves available in case you need them.

A lawyer will often not charge you for the initial consultation and therefore, you can visit more than one to ascertain which person will suit your needs the most.

Questions to ask

During your initial consultation, you must establish if the lawyer has the necessary credentials and experience in corporate and business law. This is paramount as many lawyers can represent you but there are a select few who will be more suited for your purpose.…

How To Attract Money Using Law Of Attraction

Kenneth Viera/ January 3, 2016/ Law/

Virtually every person wants to attract more money for various reasons and while many think earning money is stressful, it has been found that using simple secret law of attraction techniques can make the process quite effortless.

All the money you can ever make is in your mind and approaches.

However, you can only achieve if you do things correctly.


Here are a few insights into how law of attraction can be used to increase income in your endeavors.

• Set your perspective – It is very important o set your perspective if you want more money in your life. When you ask people randomly why they need more money, the answer you are likely to get is that they do not want to be poor anymore.

If you keenly look at this response, the key phrase is poverty.

This means being poor is their perspective and they want to eliminate it.

horizontal-1010894_640But what you get rid of can easily come back.

Instead of worrying about poverty, you should have a positive perspective like wanting to make more money to take a vacation, buy a new house and construct a swimming pool or anything you want to create.

• Change how you respond to things – Habitual responses can keep you from attracting more money in life simply because you complain about all expenditure.

People complain about their car repair costing too much money, the rent being so high, energy bills shooting up and phone bills ever rising. This creates a negative feeling about life, money and how you use it.

However, you should be grateful and happy about spending your money as it should be spent freely.

For instance, you can just be happy that your repaired car can now conveniently move you around, or the rental house keeps a roof over your head, or the electricity helps you cook, watch TV, use your radio and see after sunset and your phone helping you connect with friends, family and acquaintances.

• Recognize the abundance in life You may think that you do not have much in your life because most people have been brought up to recognize fancy cars and big houses as abundance. However, you can always find something to be glad to have in abundance.

Think about the abundance of fresh air, water to drink, good weather, food to eat, many friends, green fields, flowers and lovely scenery.

All these can spur your mind to think of innovative ways to make more money and abundances in life.

There are many other law of attraction tips for money you can use to attract more income and money.

Remember to visualize yourself with more money, bless every income you get, spend freely and happily and pay your tithes.

It is important to note that money is a form of energy just like everything else.

If you feel poor, you attract poverty, if you feel rich, you attract wealth.