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Different types of violent crimes

Kenneth Viera/ June 8, 2017/ Law/

When it comes to a criminal charge, you would want the best lawyers to handle your case. You don’t want a public defender to handle it because, in most cases, a public defender will try to work a deal with the district attorney. The district attorney, also known as the DA, is the one that will get the report from the person that is accusing you of the crime. He will be the one who will determine if he has enough evidence aginst you to bring you to court. Usually, the DA will bring it to court. This is where you will be picked up by a police officer.

Below, we will talk about the most common violent crimes:

Threats of violence

You can be charged with this by texting someone and telling him you are going to hurt him or someone close to him. You can even be accused of this if someone overheard you threatening them, and will write a statement aginst you.

Domestic assault

2This is common when husband and wife get into an argument, and other people can hear you. They will call the local police department and file a complaint on you. When the officer shows up, they will detain the argument. This charge can also result in a battery charge if anyone got hit or has any marks on them. A battery charge will land you in jail.


This charge is when someone dies, it could be from driving under the influence of a controlled drug and killing someone. You can get this charge from reckless driving and roll a vehicle and kill someone. There are other charges that they can stack on you like attempted manslaughter. This is where the other party was hospitalized for a long period of time.


This type of charge is very common to see in the courtroom. You can get this charge just by pushing someone; you don’t have to hurt them to get this charge.


There are a lot of different types of murder. When you have been charged with this crime, you will definitely want to have a good lawyer on your side.


Finding a good lawyer

Try looking on the Internet; there, you will find a long list of attorneys. Look for a lawyer that handle crimes that are violent. Check their rating and see how many times he has won his case in court.…